Alrighty this is the first of a lot of images I created for my project titled: VVVTrilogy a trilogy you can (hypothetically) read in any order and all that changes are what you consider a spoiler and how you perceive some of the characters.

These characters up above. This story itself has gone through so so many iterations its hard to keep track of whats what in my own brain currently. Just know that this is NOT its final version but definitely a ‘purchasable draft with a set of fancy covers’ if you will.

Likely my next iteration from this story is going to cut it down by a considerable chunk (including some of the characters). Its hard to say what changes will be made exactly until I get to re-drafting it but yeah!

Here’s the characters. If you think they’re cool and want to read this version you can find it in the shop-link up in the menu… if the books are no longer there… err… you’re reading this post a LITTLE too late (sorry!!)

[For clarity’s sake: I’m making this post in 2021 but it is dated 2016 because this is when these drawings were physically illustrated]

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