Henri & Chuk

Henri & Chuk is a very unofficial project title to a series of daily doodles I did back in January 2018.  The project started in January with the hopes of being able to maintain it for the entirety of the year.  However, my mind cannot seem to keep still on a single idea for very long so I found myself illustrating a great deal of images (enough to fill an entire sketchbook) only to stop when it was complete.  The quality of the images was starting to flounder as I was already brainstorming an idea for a one-shot comic/story about them that would perhaps span the length for 100-150 pages.



“But hey, Jay.  Is this really where this project began?”

Funny you should ask.  If you have been following me or my work for long enough, you may recognize these characters from a very short 6 page comic with an alternate ending (6.5) posted on Deviant Art back in 2014.  I was pretty drawn to these characters and figured I could use a daily doodling challenge to flesh them out a little bit more.  As of yet no project has been planned for them, but that can easily change in the coming years!

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