Prism Knights

What is Prism Knights

Prism Knights is a group of seven short stories about knights who identify as LGBTQA+ in some way and who live strange and poetic lives.  Each of their stories are capable of standing on their own as a completed work, but, when read together, intertwine into a much more complex narrative.

Currently the project consists of:





History & Timeline

Prism Knights is a group of short stories about LGBTQ+ knights.  And the source of this story is pretty simple.  It started in January 2017 when a group of friends from the bookstore I worked at decided to do monthly writing challenges.

After a few image prompts, a solid month of sprinting through about 5,000 words, a story was born in the shape of my exploration of lesbianism and the connotations of villainous characters.

In other words: I was really very into the idea of Knights as villains, especially knights as villains who were queer and femme and kissed a lot.

That’s right, Prism Knights started, as most of my projects do, as a guilty pleasure.  And, luckily for me, this guilty pleasure of a story did phenomenal at its first convention run which involved my first appearance at TCAF (this was LARGELY thanks to the fabulous covers illustrated by Paige McIntosh).

Coquelicot was born but it wasn’t until a few months later as I was readying for conventions that I realized that this story was probably some of the best prose I has written to date and could really give my prose a chance to shine.

And shine it did.

With such a positive and warm reception to the story my brain was already focusing on sequels… but not quite sequels.  I came to the realization that this project could be a fun experiment for myself to write characters of varying gender identities and sexuality.  I could essentially turn this series into my ‘7 shades of gay’.

I set to work writing Velvet for the following year for our spring 2018 convention run.  Quickly after I was releasing Sapphire for the fall/winter 2018 gambit and to bleed into the 2019 spring circuit.

Currently, Prism Knights is still a project that is very much in the works.  The next story Bronze is set to release in November 2019.


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