Month 1 of the year done and I’m not even sure what happened or where the time went but it sure did go somewhere.

Lets see, we had a lockdown in our area and a curfew instilled, my brain was a bit of mush for most of the month but this is also the month I’ve created the most both personally and work-related since January 2020.

I’ve been taking this year with a much less stressed brain-space and allowing myself not to sweat the small stuff and just make it through one day at a time… and then it was mid-January and most of my work hours went straight to administrative tomfoolery and catching up. I feel like I’m almost on-top of things and that’s honestly thanks to my partner doing half the lifting and really making things a great deal easier than they ever would have been doing all of this alone.

So what did I do this month?

Well, a whole lot of Kickstarter push. We went into this year with 3 Kickstarters mostly/partially or simply funded so this month was dedicated to putting things into motion.


An absurd amount of pins were purchased for the Kickstarter we launched in October to fund a set of Underworld-themed Greek Mythology enamel pins.


I finalized the files for Myth Retold’s ATALANTA and ordered those (we got them only a couple days ago and I can’t stop touching the cover & flipping through them in awe that this is something with my name on it)*. We’re going into February ready to ship out the final outstanding orders on Myth Retold and then will be able to close that project up for good.

I fixed up the files for Myth Retold’s MEDUSA which isn’t entirely Kickstarter related but we ran out of the Risograph Limited editions at the end of December which is… insane?? So we’ve put in a new order for those and should potentially be getting them…. mid…? end?? of February.

And lastly, I’ve started plotting out the sequel to ATALANTA. Myth Retold is a project I’m having quite a lot of fun with at the moment so I’m going to keep this train going as far as it will take me!


This project was a bit of our problem-child this year. Not only was the Kickstarter for V2 a mess but, that left us a bit shaken for the rest of the year on top of the pandemic and such. We are rolling into our 1 year anniversary of the crowdfunding campaign and I, personally, am feeling pretty frustrated with myself but trying to make the best of this situation.

V2 has been the main focus for art creation this month. Tasha is deep in the sketching trenches and I’m trying to keep up with inking as fast as possible. regardless of all the tweaks and changes we’ve had to make to the volume this year we’re extremely happy with how this volume is turning out. This is what I’ve been saying in all the updates but uh,, seriously,,, these characters are really good and I love them all so much. I can’t wait for folks to be on this ride with us.

We also spent a week this month …. writing out the entire plot of the story and its so very good. I feel like I’m honestly sitting on a goldmine of dramatics and flair and I really hope people like it as much as we do.

But hey that’s enough ‘work talk’ I guess. I’ve started keeping a planner wherein I record my daily work output… not intended as some sort of competition with myself, primarily as ‘proof’ to myself that I work harder than I feel like I do. I think its.. sort of…?? Working?? I’m not entirely sure yet. It’s been nice keeping a record of all the media I’ve been consuming though. I’ve been pretty heavy into webcomics lately, catching up on everything I’ve missed.

I’m hoping to do more media-enjoyment this year and getting myself to read a bit more, take breaks, enjoy life.

I’ve also been drawing a lot more for personal enjoyment than I have in a very long time. Tasha and I have a couple of characters we’ve been messing around with (you uhh… may have noticed with all that Heloe stuff showing up on the website here…) and my Pathfinder group has had a bunch of fun character dynamics I’m really enjoying sketching them out for myself and keeping things loose. I know a personal goal this year is to have enough art I’ve created each month so that when I get to a ‘year of art summary’ I actually have a selection of work to choose from.

Of course all of this leads to a lot of weird feelings I’m finally having to face & deal with about my own work. Its… been highly overdue in all honesty, but taking care of old stories and having a game plan has been helping with that too.

I’ve started a re-write for Violins. I don’t know whats up with that or where its going but here we go.

Phew my brain is a scrambled mess right now but that’s just about par-for-the course right now. January’s been ridiculous and not entirely the greatest for me mentally but we press on and hope for a brighter February (and if not brighter maybe productive so I can relax again… eventually…)

Take care out there!


*I’m playing with Winter as a potential name-change so I actually put it on my new books as a penname for a real test run and I have to say, Winter J. Kiakas looks pretty heckin’ awesome. <3

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    1. Its actually been helping a lot to have something I physically have to write all my work down in. Even writing something like ‘packed shop orders’ kinda shows me where my time went and makes my day feel a lot less like ‘ugh crap I did nothing’ when I DID do things, they just weren’t drawing-related!! (Also kinda the added bonus of keeping me on track & actually Wanting To Work On Things so that I have something to write down in there… motivation is real hard lately).

      & Media enjoyment is HARD! But I’m getting better at giving myself permission to stop and enjoy things I just need to do it… More.

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