I am… a week late to this update which says a LOT about my year so far and how fast time is flying. I was trying to keep a journal wherein I would just list of all the things I managed to do during the day to prove to myself that I do get more things done than it feels like. But I either don’t need this crutch like I thought I did or I’ve just been so busy I keep forgetting to even upkeep that.

Essentially, you may remember that this year I had several Kickstarter campaigns I was scrambling to complete. Well February drew Myth Retold to a close! That project is officially fulfilled so I’m feeling at least 1/3 of the way accomplished at this point! One less weight off my back!

So now we’re down to…


Fulfillment on this project is going REAL good. We’re 2/3rds (if not more??) of the way through fulfillment as of March 8th (when I’m writing this, shh do not perceive the dates of my posts I can go back in time to post them correctly if I want to, you’re on my turf now). We should be getting the remaining Cursed Mortals tomorrow which means that we will be able to finish fulfillment on that Kickstarter this week! (With us only waiting on a restock of Dionysus for the remaining 4-ish orders we ran out of stock for).

[UPDATE: We got the new Cursed Mortals so we should be shipping out pretty much the rest of the Kickstarter tomorrow!]


Yikes, I know this is the project that is slowly ending us but we are now down to 3 scenes left to complete after having finished the big monster Scene 9 (its the big emotional crux of Volume 2 so it really deserved the long play-out it had but it was really taxing on both of us getting it to look & feel right & weighted enough to be taken seriously but … not too terribly, you know?) I’m happy with the end result of the scene and got to play with a more messy digital inking style that was a nice break from the style I’ve been using to ink the rest of the book with! We’ve blocked in the order with our printer, now its just finishing the dang thing.

But hey that’s not all we’ve been working on this month! No, no! I’ve been helping my partner chip away at our new online shop, getting it in tip-top shape for our… uhh.. never ending extension on the release date. Its turning out that this is one of those things where you think you’ve fenaigled everything and right when you think you’re done you list grows 10 items longer. We’re really wrapping up on this though, hoping to have it up for Spring? Idk is March a Spring or Winter month? Woops (Think April-ish?)

We’ve also had a lot of our plans completely shift and warp by means outside of our control… the least … intense one is that the Sanity Circus Kickstarter was pushed a couple months so anything we were meaning to get done for that became Less Urgent and now opened up a new spot for a Spring/ Early Summer Kickstarter which MEANS. Exciting news??? I get to launch Prism Knights for Pride Month (June) this year and finally close up one of my long standing projects (since 2017 ??) It was originally intended for 2020, then for 2021, but with Sancirc being initially intended for May I didn’t want these two things to conflict since our audiences tend to overlap in some ways we didn’t want to make folks have to Choose with a May/June back to back campaign.

So now its looking like June – Prism Knights & August/Sept for Sancirc and???? maybe???? V3 pttr in October???

I’m not going to promise too much but its what we’re spit-balling right now so I thought I would toss the Vibes into the Universe.

This update is feeling really scattered but hey, this is where my brain is at right now and this is the one space on this internet I don’t HAVE to be super professional.

There was one other thing this month that threw me specifically for a loop and I figure here is as good a place as any to bring it up… but my Graphic Novel I’ve been working on for publishing is… taking a pretty major twist haha. This one has been a bit harder to come back from since I’m likely (definitely) going to be starting from scratch. There were a few themes in the story & the heavy-handed way I was handling it that would need either a more niche/smaller audience or just a whole lot of editing to really solidify it and these were some edits I’m not really sure I was ready for. My publisher’s given me the carte-blanche do-over which I am extremely grateful for, especially in this covid-ridden climate. So I definitely am aiming to give them something soon in the hopes of putting myself back on track but… I’ll admit I was a bit rattled by the idea of starting fresh.

But also a little excited! The story I initially pitched is a story I’ve had close to me for years and has gone through significant changes since its original inception but was probably not something I should have pitched (a couple years later and talking to friends and folks who are a bit more industry-savvy give me some 20-20 hindsight vision). I’m glad I’m getting the chance to try my hand at something new, though. Its been a while since I got to start a story Truly from scratch!

[UPDATE: My editor really liked one of my pitches so we’re back on track to making something rad!]

I think thatssss….. all of the work-related updates I have. That’s my life now though, its a whole lot of work but (and this is my biggest surprise) also a whole lot of doodling around work! I’ve been sharing some of my original characters with friends which, god, I haven’t done in years and the group(s) I’m sharing with so so sweet and nice and honestly its just given me fuel to doodle and sketch and draw a lot around my own work. Its been.. extremely nice. I feel like I’m finally breaking out of my creative shell…

I mean 2020 was extremely rough for artistic creation but I also feel like my apathy for drawing goes all the way back to my art school days. I’ve been Producing but it’s only in the past few months I’ve been creating with Ease and for Fun. Its been nice!

Otherwise we’re still in lockdown, still waiting on a vaccine, still waiting waiting waiting. I’m hoping that by the time I have a chance to come up for air after all this work I’ll be met with good news about our situation and be much much closer to going back to some sort of normal.


Stay safe out there!

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