We’re only a couple days into April this time so we’re doing a little better than last month in terms of keeping track of time.

This month’s been a long and, honestly? Horrendous month. We started off with a pretty high note and managed to ship out all our orders for the Underworld Kickstarter which wrapped up project number 2/3.

But after that the workload for our last project has been just so overwhelming and we’ve probably gone over and edited Paint The Town Red volume 2 a good several times even in these late stages to get thing up to par. We’re learning a lot but I am… extremely run down toe-ing the line between the story I want to write and the weight my brain is adding to the expectations of other folks, especially backers, especially our community has just been a lot. At this point I just really hope we did these characters justice. I know, I know we can’t make everyone happy as much as we really wish we could but I think sitting with a story that’s been funded for over a year now is stressing me out beyond belief. I just really don’t want people to get this book and just be disappointed you know?

So, naturally now that we’re tagging on last minute edits and formatting I’m already on ‘so what if we set ourselves up for the volume 3 release in October or something? And make up for how slow this volume took to come out… even with most of it being entirely out of our control…

Ugh. We’ll see. We’ve been spitballing a lot lately and thinking we might just nix posting pages in a webcomic format and keep it to issues funded by Kickstarters now that we have our online shop up and that we are able to sell much cheaper PDF versions of the book alongside the physical copies themselves.

Especially since…. we’re thinking of maybe starting a new webcomic… before webcomics become obsolete… (hopefully they wont but the internet has been so fickle lately we’d like to take advantage of whatever hype there still is before people move on to the Next Best Thing).

What else what else… OH yeah we launched our new SHOP in March and, personally?? It’s been a pretty great success!! Folks seem to like it, its pretty comfortable to navigate and we’ve made quite a few sales for items that haven’t gotten that much love on etsy so it’s reassuring that people actually LIKE our work and books hehe. Plus its been nice to just be able to promote our platform and not another one that cares very little about us as customers to their platform too.

Otherwise this was a month of listening to podcasts, binging really chill reality shows while the two of us ink & sketch furiously trying to finish this dang comic. And with only a few minor edits and formatting to spare, PTTR V2 is done and being sent to the printers on Tuesday.

Thank god.

I think that’s all I have to update now. We’re taking a much more relaxed April with concept sketches and restructuring our routine to include some more walks & exercise with the weather getting nicer, proper weekend breaks to break our ‘crunch’ routine and basically resetting ourselves back to some sort of normal… phew.

Stay safe out there!

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