Starting things off right this year by spending a couple days filling fun sheets for my tabletop characters (and a few OCs) created by someone on twitter. [sheet here]

I…. don’t really trust (or honestly… like) social media very much lately and, honestly I wanted these in a place I could refer back to because its just good fun and since I’ve been making adjustments to my portfolio website I really want this space to just become a place I feel comfortable posting whatever I feel like posting.

Full disclosure, some of these are done by Tas but it felt Right putting most of these side-by-side because a lot of our OCs & tabletop kids go hand-in-hand and its nice to have them both in one place! Its just fun! Anyways enjoy!

The above featured image is my oldest babe from my very first tabletop campaign, Valaska! I honestly kind of miss her a lot and really want to work her back into a campaign at some point;; The original campaign she was in didn’t wind up going too far unfortunately but sometimes these things just happen. She still holds a place near & dear to my heart as a gigantic woman of the wilds whose moral compass is a little bit skewed.

Next up we haaaave my Gideon & Tas’ Urva from our current Pathfinder 2e campaign, Age of Ashes. We’ve been playing these two for about… ouf… three years now? You’ll recognize them from my Age of Ashes post! These two aren’t really shipped too much in the campaign. A couple of our previous ones we’d created characters that were kinda shippy and I think we felt a little bad/didn’t want to impose that on our co-players for yet another campaign so we settled it this way. (I mean that hasn’t stopped us from shipping these two quietly… admittedly they’re just a very vanilla & really sweet duo tbh <3) Gideon in this campaign maybe falls for/gets flustered by the various villains they fight but have actually really fallen for another of her teammates in the campaign and the two are really sweet its gross I love it.

These next two are a couple of our newest kids for a Pathfinder 1e campaign (Rise of the Runelords). These two were purposefully created together with Poe being a witch with a vast interest in old Thassilon ruins and ancient history but requiring a little bit of muscle to keep them from getting harmed along the way. They took quick interest in joining the pathfinder society and were luckily approached one day by a sheepish cavalier looking for a more normal life. We haven’t hashed out their meeting too much but Maksim was on one of their last legs, stumbling into town and luckily fell into Poe’s lap. In the party Poe is the only one who can heal Maksim with negative energy and generally Maksim’s Dhampirism is kept a secret from the others.

Our second duo of pathfinder 1e characters for Shattered Star! These two were also not really created as a duo together but we’ve been playing with and building their character dynamics a little bit outside of the game the two of them are in. They’re part of a pretty large group and the two are both the combat-heavy type so it feels right that they would get drawn together hehe. Kiff is selective-mute and generally has really strong trust issues. They’re pretty trusting of two of the party members, one specifically being Rosco so hey! (Don’t know TOO much about these two just yet since the campaign’s only just started)!

And gosh these two are our newest additions… for a Starfinder game we just started– yes we have a good chunk of ongoing campaigns right now but with a lot of the same people (we alternate depending on schedules and all hehe). The concept for these two was mothra x godzilla with a bit of our own personal flair tied to them. Jax is Astriapi so he wound up being more of a bee rather than a moth but the flood vibes are still there. These two have not met before the campaign but their dynamic is already really good. Jax is a rockstar who is on the run and thought that becoming a starfinder was like kinda a cool gig? But He’s also useless as shit. Raddley is much more trained in the art of combat and facing the dangers of space.

Anyways these two are just real fun I’m enjoying them a lot. I’m also playing Jax as transmasc <3 Maybe a bit of exploration on my own part shh.

Ok these next two DID start off as D&D 5e PCs but they’ve both gone through a massive overhaul and now they’re just fun OCs we like roleplaying with and we’ve produced the following five characters in their wake building out a pantheon of gods representing the seven deadly sins.

Its gaudy and edgy as shit but we’re just embracing it at this point.

Anyways Ovoe was originally a paladin who was eventually going to be an eldritch knight. A fallen Aasimar who was hiding their angel wings in a giant casket (now its more of a curse and not exactly their fault).

Hela originally started off as a Sorcerer Aaracocra (I think that’s how you spell it) with a bloody history. She picked Ovoe up from a gladiator ring as hired muscle in the hopes of gaining more power to her name and this honestly hasn’t changed too much in its current form from its original version!

The rest of these kids are additions to the pantheon we developed and it was just fun to make these sheets for them for perhaps more future reference. Phaios & Jude are real close. Phaios and Hela too admittedly though Phaios’ trickery puts them on the outs with a lot of the pantheon. They are In cahoots (but mildly piss off) Hela, Snuggle buddies with Jude and in Enemies with Pennyjack. They seem to be indifferent towards Az and have a pretty strong connection with Vaalo who helped them out of a tight spot with their diminishing god status.

Jude is the easiest one to get along with but also like you wouldn’t exactly want to piss him off if he could potentially help you with pulling in followers. Generally he’s pretty indifferent (ambivalent?) towards most of the other gods, finding only some real amusement in this particular group: 1- because they rescue him from the clutches of another god, 2- because at least writing about a group is far more entertaining than writing about 1 god for centuries, and 3- Phaios gives extremely good snuggles and was perhaps the only other god to try their hand at writing about Jude the way Jude writes about everyone else. <3

Pennyjack is the literal personification of Lady Luck and probably the youngest of the group (aside from Hela herself). She’s our party babe of the group and an absolute sappy goop over Az. She’s also got a big trickster-god-competition energy with Phaios that went sour centuries back and now the two are both absolutely messy about it.

Az is the big sweetheart of the group and is just nearly as neutral as Jude is. Though it is hard to be upset at someone who knows all of your likes and comforts admittedly. She does have a little beef with Vaalo but its mostly on Vaalo’s part and its one-sided. Az wishes she could get Vaalo to like her just as much as everyone else does.

Vaalo is the feral one. The absolute oldest one of the group, she takes on both monstery were-wolfy shapes and more clean-cut vampiric looks. She’s got beef with everyone but mostly because she hates everyone, its just her thing. She does play favourites with Ovoe & Phaios typically because these two both have a Feral side to them and though she wont admit it, she does occasionally enjoy Az’s company from very rare time to very rare time.

Welp that’s it. Thats the very small tip of the OC iceberg but its all I’ve got for today. I hope this was a fun little read because honestly it was fun to carve out some time to make these and just get to ramble unabashedly about them.

(For the record I could go on for a while about all of these kids and I probably will go off a little more for some of the tabletop kids eventually but I’ll leave it at this for now ;v; <3)

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    1. Once we started we couldn’t be stopped! They’re a really fun reference guide tbh! And any excuse to meme with the pantheon kids is a good one hehe.

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