Fun timeline of releases & completions of big projects.


  • Paint the Town Red Volume 2 is successfully funded in February.
  • Myth Retold: IPHIGENIA is printed and shipped in September.


  • The Myth about Myths: Greek Mythology is fulfilled January.
  • Paint the Town Red Volume 1(.1) is successfully funded on Kickstarter February.
  • Myth Retold is successfully funded on Kickstarter September.
  • Windy & Wallflower Inc. is created between Tasha Mukanik and myself in September.
  • Paint the Town Red begins posting online for easy access to various LGBTQ+ readers in October.
  • Prism Knights: Bronze is released in November.


  • Prism Knights: Velvet is released early 2018.
  • The Myth about Myths: Greek Mythology is successfully funded on Kickstarter in July.
  • Prism Knights: Sapphire is released November.
  • Combined storefront with Tasha Mukanik in November.


  • Prism Knights: Coquelicot debuts for its first year starting April.
  • BadMouth — Ouverture is released in its comic form for its first round of conventions starting in May.
  • VVV Trilogy is in print and the Kickstarter fulfilled in November.


  • The Myth about Myths zines are reprinted in a small booklet form instead of as stapled zines.  Now: Greek Gods, Primordial Greek Gods, Greek Heroes & Villains, Greek Titans, Greek Ladies and Greek Lovers are making convention rounds and selling via online shops.
  • VVV Trilogy is officially funded on Kickstarter in November as a three-part story: Violins, Violas and Violoncellos.


  • BadMouth begins posting online as a webcomic.


  • The Myth about Myths launches on the web and makes its first appearance at conventions in November in the form of a stapled zine.


  • Violins is self-published in a single volume form for my very first year of conventions.  This version is not yet illustrated.


  • Violins is the first iteration of VVVTrilogy and the first full 50,000 word manuscript I completed for NaNoWriMo.