Tags on this website are organized by world, story & their characters by their first names so if you’re looking for specific work clicking these links are your best bet:


Nightscape is a world I’ve been building for myself since at least 2010. All of the following works (generally done solo) all play out in this world. This list is not chronological to their timeline, just alphabetical by title.

BadMouth — A story about the daughter of the goddess of discord looking to find a purpose for herself that does not involve following in her mother’s footsteps. | Characters: Pippin, Matty, Oliver, Vi

H&H — A story about two witches on the run, looking to find some sort of normal in a life spent together. | Characters: Hattie Thicket & Hawley Thorne

Violins — A story about a demigod who knows nothing of his stature as such and finds himself to be the key to a war despite wanting nothing to do with any of it at all. | Characters: Oliver, Charlie, Vi


Xenia is a world I’ve been building with my partner (Tasha Mukanik) for much longer than we even realized. We started building Paint The Town Red in 2017 and it was only in 2020 with our work Broken Crown that we decided to mash a bunch of our WIP stories together in this big eclectic world of ours. You might know at least one of our Xenia titles below:

Augustine — A story about a ragtag group of outlaws who steal the heart of the harpy moon goddess.|Characters: Podarke, August, Brick, Heti, Ande, Khionn

Broken Crown — A story… about… well we’re still not 100% sure about this one, but so far its about how a group of minor-gods banding together to overthrow The God. | Characters: Hela, Ovoe, Az, Jude, Phaios, Vaalo & Pennyjack

Moonshine, Heartbreaker, Wildflower

Paint The Town Red — A story about the relationships between people and the ways in which miscommunications, and conflicts can escalate when not faced head-on… featuring vampires, werewolves, demons and other supernatural babes. | Characters: Winona Barlowe, Odile Brady, Victoria Darling, Emerson Pines, Jin-Ju Moon, Ophelia Kiss, Persis Kyrkos, Athena Kyrkos, Delilah, NJ, Ursula & Phoenix