So.... I also happen to have written a fair amount of books... check out...


2023 Year Retrospective

Oh…. we’re in for a rough recap this year. I usually do a lil skim […]

OCtober 2023~

Hey! it sure was that time of year again where I just doodle a whole […]

Starfinder: Dead Suns

WAHOOO FIRST CAMPAIGN EVER FINISHED!!! I meant to post this sooner but its been a […]

The Adirondacks

Finally getting around to pulling this guy outta my drafts. In January I took a […]

2022 Year Retrospective

Cataloguing another 2022 in a line of extremely weird years. It’s, admittedly, hard to remember […]

OCtober 2022

I’m posting these a whole year later because I was so sure I’d come back […]

A Short Hike

If you know the game this title is referencing then eeyyyyy (its a really cute […]

Prism Knights

This post will contain loose spoilers for a lot of the series so if that’s […]


Ohboy are we ready for a wild adventure? Because this whole experience was pretty wild. […]


Writing this, mostly rested after an insane weekend at Montreal’s Comic Arts Festival (or more […]

Calgary Expo 22

Our first show of the year kicks off with a bang. There were a lot […]

2021 Year Retrospective

Picture me taking a deep breath before going through this year. Its a bit of […]

Ghost Pepper

Last year Tas and I made the executive decision to adopt a couple of cats […]

Age of Ashes

In light of us coming close to the ending of this campaign I figured I […]

The Trilogy

I’ll probably be making a separate post… later on… about the various editions this particular […]


So here’s a challenge I took up this year to get back into the drawing […]

Heloe (Part 1)

I had no idea what to title this knowing its going to be a bit […]


Going back a little bit further. I hesitated posting this little drawing challenge I was […]


Okay so I know this is already going to be my second post to this […]


I get off a nine-hour flight of horrible airplane food and freezing temperatures into sweltering […]

Henri & Chuk Dailies

After sketching one of my first comics (a 5-page weird thing for a university class), […]

Baden, Switzerland

In 2015 I graduated University with a bachelor’s in Fine Arts and a Major in […]

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