Hey there weary internet traveller!
You’re probably here from elsewhere on the internet and are probably on this page so that you can learn a little bit more about me. Its hard to try and label what I do so let me give it a shot.

I’m Winter Jay Kiakas, a queer storyteller hailing from Montreal, Canada. I’ve been writing stories since someone put a pencil in my hand and taught me how to make words go together. I’ve been professionally working in art (both part and full time) for a good solid ten years now. I’ve got a bachelors with a major in Film Animation. I’ve spent most of my time since then working the con circuit and part-time at a major bookstore chain before I quit and teamed up with my partner (Tas) to build our own business we lovingly titled Windy & Wallflower. We’ve been working on that properly since 2018-2019.

I’m not professionally published (yet) but I hope to be one day. Everything you see on this website I’ve had a hand in, in some way or another. I do a LOT of self-publishing because I can’t be assed to wait around for people to realise that what I’m making is pretty cool (or at least I have a lot of fun making them).

So if you’re here feel free to peruse and enjoy your stay. Nothing posted up here is going away any time soon. If you’re looking to hire me for something shoot me an email at: j @ windywallflower dot com~!

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