Myth Retold is a group of short stories written in the point of view of individuals of a marginalized gender or sexuality in Greek Mythology.

IPHIGENIA follows the story of damsel in distress, Iphigenia in the version of the myth in which she is rescued from becoming the sacrifice to Artemis only to be rescued by the goddess herself.

MEDUSA follows the story of the infamous monstress, Medusa who must face her fears and become friendly with one of the young warriors who is praised to hunt her; Perseus.

ATALANTA follows the story of powerful huntress, Atalanta who struggles to take aim and make a choice to follow the life she was given, or the life she wishes to live.


This project sprung from a desire for inclusion and to generate this idea of representation in mythology that may have been sorely misrepresented by the men who wrote them.  That the concept behind the goddesses, heroes and heroines only came from the bias of men and not from the nuance of the very diverse culture of antiquity.

Also, is it wrong for me to just wish for Artemis to kidnap and smooch women and for Medusa and Athena to have conspired against the patriarchy?  This kind of fiction is writhing with potential so many folks are out there squandering!

But I digress…

History & Timeline

Myth Retold is one of my newer spur-of-the-moment projects wherein I was told by amazing Kickstarter staff that September 2019 was going to have a Small Press prompt and while my initial plan was to print Prism Knights then, I had to completely switch gears when both my cover artist and I were nowhere near ready for a crowdfunding campaign of that kind of magnitude.

While Myth Retold was a bit of a last-minute decision, the project was a concept I had been toiling with the entire year (admittedly since I read Madeline Miller’s Circe, even more so after reading The Song of Achilles).  In the month leading up to the crowdfunding campaign I wrote IPHIGENIA much faster than I had anticipated and was already craving the thought of writing even more stories in this vein.  I started on MEDUSA just before the Kickstarter launched and was well on my way to completing it before the campaign became my main priority.

[Myth Retold is a project that is still currently ongoing. This page will continue to be updated as the project progresses in real time].