In light of us coming close to the ending of this campaign I figured I would drop a big sketch/image dump of a bunch of the drawings I’ve been doing throughout our campaign! I plan on doing a small project-like summary when we actually hit the end as a fun farewell recap of our greatest hits because I’ll be extremely sad to let go of my character as she is in this campaign.

Our GM for this game is Crit who is honestly awesome and so patient. We attempted a DND 5e game with him before this to introduce us to tabletop and he walked us through that one rather gracefully. But his heart was in Pathfinder 2e and honestly, I can’t blame him. The mechanics of this particular campaign just kind of make a lot more sense to me, personally, than 5e… Now I believe nearly all our campaigns are being handled in Pathfinder! A couple others are in first edition but we’re not talking about those right now woops! Tangent!

Essentially, our GM for this campaign is extremely patient and really fun. He definitely knows his way around the pathfinder rules and really made this style easy to grasp and honestly his character voices are so good. He’s managed to make us fall head over heels for some of the baddies and the NPCs alike!

Our team is comprised of:

Our buddy Matt who plays a gnome who is a cleric lawyer named Rhonne Aould (yes it took me a moment to realize that fun play-on-words for his name and I absolutely lost my mind when I did). Rhonne is a very Lawfully Good lad who honestly keeps the party in check and served the group real well keeping us all on the right side of the law hehe.

My partner Tas who plays a dwarf who is a tough ranger named Urva Stonetalon with her trusty side-kick raptor Melburn (honestly our group mascot by this point hehe). She’s a quiet but tough gal who is just as trusty with her ranged weapons as she is with her axe! She’s hearty and will pull your ass out of trouble when you need it the most.

Our buddy Cam who plays a half-orc who is a necromantic bard named Kira Volkov who keeps the party going with their battle songs. They’re absolutely sweet and shy but have really come out of their shell over the course of the adventure and might perhaps be pining over the group champion.

And I play a half-orc who is a strong sword-wielding champion named Gideon Gilroy. She’s a big lady with a heart of gold and would do anything to help her allies even if it meant risking her own life. She uhh has a thing for evil babes and definitely gets flustered out of trash-talking them in battle. But her focus is true enough she will kick your ass.

I also have a special mention for a later addition by Crit’s partner and our pal, Judy who jumped in for the last two books with an earth sorcerer named Neyva Brindon. She’s a travelling merchant our group picked up needing some back-up for the last two books of the adventure. There isn’t much art of her (yet) but there definitely will be in the Big Recap I would like to do at the end of our adventure!

Annnnd Here’s the art I’ve amassed of this group over time!

[The colours in these ones & the style itself always kinda reminded me a bit of french comics??]
[This one again but in colour because I liked it so much I had to do it! This was my attempt at Studio Trigger’s style after watching KLK and Promare!]
[Gideon’s gone through Some Shit during this campaign!]
[Lets say uhh, Gideon certainly pushed me into enjoying the artistry in designing armour! I still struggle with what the heck to do about leg armour though….hehe]
[Fighting Laslunn pretty much wrecked our party I think two of us temporarily died in that fight!! Going back home to the citadel the GM and I reconfigured a lot of Gideon’s feats to suit her better in future battles and I think this honestly worked out for the better!]
[This is a doodle I developed from a sketched storyboard scene I’m currently working on tidying up because I liked it so much, dealing with Gideon’s little meltdown from that horrible fight with Laslunn, she’s definitely the type to shoulder all the blame when her friends get hurt.]

This next part has a few completed doodles and some self-indulgent doodles! Mostly original Gideons with a few bust shots and style tests.

And this last part has some fun little sketches I’ve been sitting on for a little while. Sometimes things just need to be sketchy. And that’s okay!

I have to say that where we are now in the campaign it’s pretty fun to see how much our characters have shifted and changed and molded over the course of… three? Years? I think we’ve been playing them at this point! Gideon has evolved so much and gosh her design is never consistent but somehow all of these still feel very much her in the end.

I’m looking forward to getting my fingers into a solid retrospective on the whole adventure and showing a bit more growth between all the characters. I know its pretty obvious that on my personal spare time I’d be drawing mostly my own pc but I honestly can’t get over how much fun this group is and I’m really really glad we got to play this campaign.

I can’t believe they’re stuck with me for another campaign rest in pieces with my new chaotic neutral character–

But we still have a couple books left. If I make any more spare drawings I will probably just update this post with them in the future! [and delete this part of the post when I’m done with it. The joys of running your own website/blog hehe].

2 thoughts on “Age of Ashes

  1. These sketches are so great and I’m IN LOVE with your Studio Trigger styled drawings. I can’t believe you gave Urva the Kamina style bottom lashes. I can’t wait for your follow up post about the campaign end <3

    1. I honestly should mess around with that style more its really over the top and has a lot of fun shape elements and movement I could really moosh into my own!
      Also it definite Just Felt Right to give Urva bottom lashes vuv

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