So I did a drawing challenge in October that sort of encompassed an adventure/oc-tober and the now-defunct inking challenge… and then it just became flatting-November because I wanted to finish this in colour after starting a few of them.

My conclusion? This was extremely fun. I sort of want to do this type of thing more but maybe spread it across a few months so that I can build the story a little stronger but, all in all I really like how simple this one turned out. I was going to be clever and think of some text to go along with it but I like the way you can read between the lines on this one.

I’m collecting it into a little book because I’m a huge sucker for tiny things and Gideon is my personal favourite lately… so I’ll be updating the featured image with the cover page most likely when I get around to it!

Otherwise enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Gideon Gilroy and the Great Smooch Adventure

    1. Awh gosh the colour compliment means a lot coming from you!! It was really nice to do something complete in just a couple months, honestly. We’ve got our hands in a lot of big projects lately, doing this in between was really satisfying~

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