I had no idea what to title this knowing its going to be a bit of an ongoing series with these two. I’m starting my first post off with a lot of the older art Tas and I did in October 2020 when we first started roleplaying them.

So… a little bit of backstory… the two characters we started with were Lady Hela Sagittarius and Ovoe as a sorcerer-aaracocra and eldritch-knight-fallen-aasimar from a tabletop game we were playing with friends since 2017…2018? But this group fell apart and we were left with two characters we had built a small foundation of a backstory on and didn’t want to go to waste.

Lady Hela Sagittarius was a part of a royal family she killed of her own two hands and then was promptly out-casted from her throne because of it. She was seeking out the help of others to hopefully regain it (or to gain some power of her own to take it back permanently).

She met Ovoe in a gladiator ring and hired them readily to act as her muscle to help her on this adventure with this strange ragtag group to gain said power.

Ovoe kept their aasimar backstory a secret, fearful that this power would be used for terrible things. In this version they were extremely good-natured and hoped to build a rapport with the group finding friends and acceptance with them regardless of their background.

Unfortunately the group was a little too chaotic for this kind of backstory we had set up but we did have great fun with them all the same.

So what happened with these characters then?

A few months later the two of us were feeling the itch to roleplay again, most of our groups had fizzled out/gone on pause because of the pandemic’s strain on our players and GMs. So we took these two and reshaped them and we started a fun little text-rp between the two of us, building and shaping their story.

I’m not going to go into Huge Narrative Detail about what happened because some of it is a little bit personal and very rough. And I’m not personally sure if this is going to become a story beyond the state its in right now… so actually I’m just going to share the artwork we created for it and maybe update this post at a later date if I’m feeling so inclined!

A some of these images are done by yours truly, a lot of them are a collaboration between Tas and I and a couple of them are done by Tas exclusively but I got permission to post them here so hey! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Heloe (Part 1)

    1. I know its super rare that I doodle them smiling LOL! We started a new version going back to the roots of this RP so maybe i’ll have to doodle their goofier side a little bit more :>

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