After sketching one of my first comics (a 5-page weird thing for a university class), I quickly realized I wanted to do a bit more with these characters. Not exactly sure what I wanted to do with them I bought myself a couple of sketchbooks, and set to work filling them with daily illustrations of whatever came to mind that day. I kept it loose with no themes or prompts. Initially the challenge was going to last 100 days to join a friend in their own challenge but I wound up falling short about a month-ish. Regardless I’m pretty happy with how these wound up!

2 thoughts on “Henri & Chuk Dailies

    1. Thank you so much Gisele!! Looking back on the old artwork of these two has me kind of itching to maybe fill the last two sketch books I have set aside for these characters as a jump back into trad inking again before I commit to something too big!

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