So, over the past several weeks? Months? Its probably been months since I started this little adventure but hey. It’s been a bit of a wild time (read: its been stressful as hell lately) and I kind of found a massive comfort in designing outfits for OCs to wind down. So I thought I would compile the ones for the sin pantheon in a post and talk a bit about the inspo behind them.

This all started because late last year I doodled Ovoe after watching a few runway competition reality shows. I’m a bit of a sucker for fashion & I think there’s a lot of fun in expression through outfits… but maybe that’s just my personal gender expression coming out now haha.

Ovoe is going last though because… uhh… they’re my favourite.

Anyways, starting off strong and very Not Safe For Work is Az.

Az is our resident God of love with she/he/them pronouns. I generally use “She” and she often presents more Femme because honestly that’s just the vibe I get from her but she’s flexible all around. She’s a lust god so honestly her outfits were all about being absolutely indulgent and having fun.

Okay I’d be lying if this isn’t just an array of ‘outfits my partner and I thought would be really hot on her’. The top row was the original set of fits I had sitting around for a while and thought I needed to extend her repertoire since err, a lot of those original fits are Situational. She’s got a lot of range and is much less going for the look of a fashion icon and more for what is likely to attract attention. I’m sorry this selection really doesn’t have any deep reasoning other than ‘oh yeah she’d look hot in that–‘.

As a general rule Az is one of our gods that shifts shapes a lot too with her personal gain centering around other’s pleasure so she’ll take on any shape and look that will be to another person’s taste and doesn’t generally care/mind what look she occupies. Generally she’d be happier walking around nude than bothering with clothes at all…

Back on track, lets see, we have… Vaalo~

Vaalo is our God of the Beasts with she/he/it pronouns. She represents gluttony and is the original creator of Vampires and Werewolves in our universe. So you can probably already come to understand a bit of my decision making process with these outfits.

(You’ll notice all of the gods have a fancy little Black outfit… call me corny but that’s generally their most current God outfit because i like a fancy little matching group. Some of the gods like Vaal here have fun ancient drape-y outfits because they’ve been around REAL long. Az doesn’t generally because it was a bit more likely she just presented full on nude.)

Vaalo was one of the harder ones admittedly… not helped by my partner whose OC this really belongs to because she only just had a finalised design for the purpose of these outfits. I was also asked to give her outfits that didn’t just accommodate her feral side but to also design for her more vampiric side…

I learned that er, suits and fancy frills are actually really hard, one wrong line will make an outfit look stuffy and bulky and clog the silhouette a LOT. All the artists out there drawing suit fashion… I applaud you. It is definitely a feat.

I think I did alright though. Her plaid looks are definitely striking the modern werewolf balance I think.

Next we have…. Hela.

Hela is our youngest god. She’s the god of vengeance and pride… so you can imagine which sin she represents. She uses strictly she/her pronouns and has a bird form I was requested to dress as well.

So the only real thing you need to know about Hela is that she was once a royal and ascended so her fashion is definitely high fashion, look expensive but with class. She also swings a little more gothic because well we wanted to give her more Villain vibes for the story that she’s in.

She definitely goes for look over comfort and is wearing heels constantly unless she is in her bird form. As long as she can look intimidating she considers that look a win. She’s also probably our most femme presenting character which was also a fun conclusion to come to while we discussed all these characters and their outfits.

She’s pretty straightforward but hey while we’re on the bird train why not continue with our next birdy boy, Jude.

Jude is our resident god of scripture with he/they pronouns (his sin is Envy, this one is probably the least obvious on appearance alone, admittedly). His bird form was one he ascended into (as he was originally a demigod from ancient birdfolk–who centuries later would be the origin of Hela’s people). Nowadays, he’s most comfortable in his more humanoid form. (Though Phaios will occasionally pester him to shape shift with them).

His fashion is semi-casual with a massive emphasis on comfort. As the resident writer you can probably gather where a lot of his fashion comes from. If you’re going to be writing all day you want to stay comfortable. I imagine that aside from his own closet filled with hoodies and sweatpants he also steals a lot of Phaios’ accent pieces for the comfort they provide.

Like Hela, his birdy form outfits take from a lot of his original wardrobe, however, unlike Hela he often adjusts his outfits to be looser fitting in this form since feathers against tight fitting clothes are not particularly comfortable.

Speaking of Phaios…

Phaios is our resident dream god (they/them), whose sin is … sloth. In current canon Phaios is a dream god who fell from their glory and has since been struggling to escape the sandman/bogeyman fairytale in order to ascend back into a more godly glory (hence the last outfit in the bunch).

Their outfits are very sleepycore glam. I am an absolute sucker for celestial fashion involving sun & moon imagery and I could pretty much go bananas on Phaios for it. I’ll be honest and admit that the second to last outfit was loosely inspired by the design for Hypnos in the new Hades game… If you don’t give your dream/sleep god a massive duvet as a part of their fashion clearly you’re doing something wrong. I imagine Jude most especially steals this part of their outfit frequently.

Phaios is definitely one of those little buggers who wakes up with perfect bedhead and just ‘throws something on’ and they just Look Good.

Another one who lives to Look Good is Pennyjack.

Pennyjack is our group’s Lady Luck (she/her). She’s the goddess of luck and chance (and our pantheon’s Greed). She was absolutely one of my favourites designing for since her Big Outfits get to play off of card deck imagery.

A lot of the inspo behind Pennyjack is casinos and vegas. She gets a lot of primary colours that absolutely pop and stark black & white contrasts. She also gets to wear a lot of gold. The general rule of thumb for her was that she needed a couple variants of a Very Loud outfit that would make a statement in any space (especially a space that vies for everyone’s attention already). That last outfit in the roster was a bit of a play on a ‘bad luck’ outfit. If she’s out for you in that fit you’re in for some trouble.

I could honestly just design dozens of big loud outfits for her, she has the most fun shape language and pizzazz out of the group and its really just fun to flex a theme.

Which leads us to the last and certainly not least, Ovoe.

Ovoe is our god of war (they/them–though they are pretty alright with any pronouns) and our pantheon’s wrath. Ovoe was pretty much the one that started this outfit craze several months ago. I had a set of four I sat on for a long time before feeling compelled to design for everyone else.

Oh, I love this kid. I’ll put them in a bajillion different outfits and just have fun with it. They are pretty flexible and will let almost anyone in the pantheon dress them, honestly (they err, prefer some folks more than others in that department).

I went for a mix of athletic, goth and just uhh gender. I don’t know how to explain my thought process behind these looks they just work. I’m really happy with them, feast your eyes.

This was honestly a fun experiment to do with this group and really got me to think about each character and how they would present themselves depending on their activities and/or the shape they took. This is really bare bones but I think it gets a lot of their personalities across pretty well.

See you when the next wild craze takes over my brain–

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