I’m posting these a whole year later because I was so sure I’d come back to them later and keep adding but it turns out that these are quite time consuming and after not finishing the month I decided just to leave things as is!

Which is completely fine honestly! Here they are! (I AM doing a 2023 OC-tober right now…. its already a lot less involved than this one so maybe I’ll at least stick it through the month!)

A couple of the pantheon babes~ Missing 3 of them here alas to have the complete set (Hela isn’t mine but belongs to my partner but hey). No Rules Just Right– we’re keeping things loosey goosey~

Admittedly these all started out this way because I sketched a bunch of the sleepy Phaios (top left) doodles and really liked organising them on a page like that and wound up pressing on to do a couple more OCs and then just fell into a groove making them like this. Sometimes a single pose isn’t enough and I remember at the time missing the urge to just like go a bit more ham with expressions and posing so here we are!

I am always and forever thinking about these two and the story the both of us are percolating on with them! I’ve been chipping away at a bit of worldbuilding these days, designing a few guitars and maybe album covers for Jax and designing the interior and exterior of Raddley’s ship! I may or may not have also been err… sculpting an outline for their story properly hehehe.

There WERE plans to do the whole Augustine cast but you’ll just have to enjoy some Augusts instead–

There were ALSO plans to do the whole pTTR cast but alas.

And… well… at any given time these three are a rotating wheel of obsession in my brain. Mad scientist, a weird shifter and a strong buff orc lady. Two of these are player characters to a couple current tabletop games…

but if you’ve been here for even 2 minutes on this website you’ll recognise Gideon from a mile away haha.

Popping back in here with an update– UHM i forgot i also had these two!! They’re from a story im writing currently– about a witch x a shifter x a cannibal its uhhh a funny little dark humour romp!

ANyways enjoy~!

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