So here’s a challenge I took up this year to get back into the drawing groove! I was 4 entries shy of really completing it but I did pretty well considering my creating whims this year have been extremely staggered. Often when the inspiration strikes it strikes sharp and fast and its over just as soon as it started so maintaining this sort of thing all month long was certainly a challenge!

But lets talk some OCs why don’t we?

So this group of ironically red-toned characters all belong to the story Tas and I are working on called Paint The Town Red. A lot of these were a bit of a re-draw from their originals I drew in something as far back as 2018-ish. I can’t say too much about them until they get their big reveals in canon and I will probably do a better rundown in another post that’s a bit more character-specific if I’m feeling it! Essentially Paint The Town Red is a comic-series that follows the slow derail of a slice-of-life into an all out drama… which happens to include vampires and werewolves… and … others….

This story is a part of AROS (a world Tas and I are building together wherein most of the W&W projects we work on will wind up in)!

The next group here is a kind of mess of other characters that will kind of wind up in their own stories/are in their own but their counterparts aren’t exactly my own so I couldn’t claim them for this challenge:

This group is a bit of a mixup. The first is the MC to the webcomic Tas and I are planning to release called Augustine. At some point!

The other two are angels in the AROS universe though there’s a bit more to them than meets the eye and… unfortunately I’m not here to tell you all much about it yet. Certainly not in a challenge post like this!

These three have been haunting my goddamn brain for so many years now. I think I first doodled Tillie for some Inktobers in 2015? 2016? True to character Pim’s the only design & title that’s changed over the years but she’s a shifter so that checks out pretty well. Her design will probably continue to fluctuate even in the story. Felix…. this is probably the only time I’ve ever drawn them and have it come out the way I envisioned them. I roughly have a story planned out for these three but am having a hard time committing time to it because its definitely on the weirder side.

These three are a few tabletop PCs I’ve created who… will definitely be re-purposed in some form or another into a story of some sort because I can’t personally let a good fun character go to waste in a single game… woops. In all honesty that’s what became of Ovoe who originally started as a fighter in a D&D game I was playing with friends but who got a whole ass-ed re-vamp into their new story! I’m a sucker for creating new characters for new games so it’s unlikely I’ll ever re-use these in their intended purposes ever again.

Gideon Gilroy is currently my Pathfinder 2E half-orc champion. She’s chaotic good and hopes to follow her heart of gold. <3

Valaska is my big mean chaotic-evil goliath barbarian I created for my first ever game of D&D 5e. She’s a mountain woman who has a hard time working in a team and taking direction.

Tiv Giggin is my bugbear bard in a homebrew D&D 5e-style game. I haven’t played them too much yet so I’m not entirely sure where their character is headed but they are definitely hoping to make a name for themself and their musical talent.

These two… oh these two have gone through and will probably still go through so many more iterations before they finally settle into their permanent story but for now they are a part of my Nightscape crew, their story is going to fit somehow into the big old mess of my world. Ever since reading stories like Discworld that build a world from its different parts I’ve been absolutely obsessed with doing the same. I first wrote Violins to start it all off and now its got a good seven tentative stories in several different stages of incomplete.

The top three of this group are from a project that is currently titled VVVTrilogy though it is going to get reworked back down to simply ‘Violins’ again when I have a chance to get my hands on it.

Bonaventure is a time traveller whose story is so old he’s probably one of the first OCs I seriously created who has stuck around long enough he’ll eventually have his own story.

The last two are from a discontinued webcomic of mine called BadMouth which is currently getting a hell of an overhaul before I tackle it again and this time, likely as an illustrated novella with a similar treatment to the overhaul of Violins.

This last group consists of a bunch of characters both new and old who either don’t have a place yet or were just created for a small one-shot project…. Err… here, let me explain a bit better…

Quinn is from a short comic between Tas and I as a test run before we jumped straight into Paint The Town Red. We decided to do a quick 30-page comic shipping two characters of ours we had laying around. I’m not sure why we picked them specifically but we were having fun! Quinn was originally a fan-OC for The Sanity Circus (Tas’ webcomic) as a one-man-band instrumen.

Henri & Chuk are a duo of weird characters I had initially created for a strange 5-page comic I made for a graphic novel drawing class I took in university and wound up enjoying their designs so much I straight up did a daily-doodle for the first 3 months of 2017 with them. So far they’re just weird aesthetic vibe OCs but I’ve considered creating a few personal comics with them here and there, never quite committing to it though!

Toulouse is a very old RP OC of mine I created ouf, probably when I was 16-17 and this here is a bit of a revamp of her design using some of my better skills and trying to recall her character a bit more. She’s a time-traveller who has to take a running start to activate her time-jumps.

Jakiz… my baby, my gross little zombie child. Feral little freak. I’ve had this character since I was 15-16 in an ancient RP group I was in called Riot-Gear. If anyone still remembers that ouf, we old. This character is roughly 12-13 and an absolute freak. She was the pseudo-villain of the group causing mischief and probably the character I was drawing the Most at the time.

I think that about wraps up all of these kids. I feel like this is only a very small handful of the characters I actually have in my repertoire but its honestly hard and a bit weird for me to think of some of these characters as my OCs when they play a part in an actual story I’m developing. These types of characters usually wind up serving a plot or a purpose of some sort that gets a bit detached from my own personal attachment to them!

Being a creative is weird, what can I say!

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