Hey! it sure was that time of year again where I just doodle a whole bunch of OCs~! These are all a bunch of guys I’m currently floating around. I don’t think I’m gonna delve TOO MUCH into this post about them since a lot of them are really personal at the moment and some of them just have Lore For Days.

I also… might be back to update this post later. I’m currently working on a bunch of Tas’ OCs that ‘complete sets’ with mine so I’ll be running back to fill those out because I’m a bit of a sucker for it! I’m just taking a tiny break from this before diving back in!

Also… yeah there’s boobs and probably nudity of other kind //shrugs. You’ll live.

wAHOO. enJOY. I’ll be back later (maybe) with edits & formatting them all into proper grouped stories but for now they’re still pretty much organised by group. Not gonna lie its also just nice seeing them all grouped up like this too~

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