These are all the projects I currently have my hands on, both new and old. I’m going to try and keep this as organized as possible (potentially newest at the top to oldest as you scroll to the bottom) BUT a lot of these projects either get revamped over time or are being worked on pretty simultaneously.

Myth Retold

2019 – CURRENT

Myth Retold is a series of short stories that retell various tales in Greek Mythology through a marginalized gender and sexuality lens. The first three of these stories, IPHIGENIA, MEDUSA and ATALANTA, were created via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter under the ‘Small Press’ prompt in September 2019.

Greek Mythology Collection

2019 – CURRENT

This collection of hard enamel pins was originally created for our most successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to date. This project takes the entirety of the Olympian Gods (give a few mortals and non-Olympian Gods) and transforms them into symbolism to create a series of fancy 2-inch pin designs. This project also encompassed the Tiny Heroes pin set.

Paint The Town Red

2018 – CURRENT

Paint The Town Red is a comic series created in part by yours truly along with their partner: Tasha Mukanik. The story is a drama-filled rom com themed around vampires and werewolves and also sets a focus upon characters who are marginalized in both gender and sexuality. The story was launched with fair success on Kickstarter in 2019 with Volume 1 (.1) and followed up with another successful campaign in 2020 for Volume 2.

Prism Knights

2017 – CURRENT

Prism Knights is a series of short stories that can be read in any order but all of which participate in the same world. They take inspiration from fairy tales and feature queer characters at their centre. Currently there are four books that have been published: Coquelicot (2017), Bronze (2019), Sapphire (2018), Velvet (2018).

The Myth about Myths

2014 – CURRENT

The Myth about Myths is a project birthed from my starry-eyed dream of drawing all of the characters through my own artistic vision and pairing them with their actual myths. Call it: challenge accepted. The project has since changed its shape several times but the core still rings fairly the same. Right now it is sitting with a 280 page tome encompassing as many Greek Mythological characters as I could manage (this book was funded on Kickstarter in 2018).

Universe Collection

2018 – CURRENT

This collection of pins currently has a single set: The Solar System which is pretty self-explanatory. The original version (funded through Kickstarter in 2018) not only included the eight planets of our solar system but also three of the dwarf planets and the mystery Planet X. Now the collection has seen a slight upgrade and features the main nine planets/dwarf planets folks know the best.



BadMouth is a webcomic series that follows a goddess by the name of Pippin who orchestrates an elaborate ghost-circus in search of her own purpose in an apocalyptic world. The project itself is on an indefinite hiatus until I personally can figure out what I would like to do with it and if I would like to revamp the thing once more before hitting the ground running.

VVV Trilogy

2010 – TBD

VVV Trilogy is a project with an astonishingly embarrassing history as it has existed for about 10 years and has changed in iteration (at least 3 times) before it was launched as a trilogy on Kickstarter in 2016. The story follows a demigod violinist with mildly hallucinogenic magic that prevents him from playing actual music anymore. It is… very likely that this project is going to go through another severe edit so… keep an eye out for that.

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