Going back a little bit further. I hesitated posting this little drawing challenge I was doing years ago (and some of the last of my traditional work really) because I was in the process of colouring them and never really wound up finishing. I kept meaning to go back but honestly. I like them more in B&W so to hell with it. Lets make the post!





There’s… a LOT about these that I really like and I can really see a lot of the shape language I had fun developing here influencing some of the work I still make today. I can also feel the weight of the traditional medium and how much I fought it and my drawing ability for years (I definitely don’t regret switching to a mostly digital workflow now. The margin for error is muuuuch kinder).

There are various things about these that are Dated but there’s also a lot that works here so I think they are definitely still worth sharing.

Kind of wild to see how much my work has changed since 2018 alone.

3 thoughts on “SQUADS

    1. Ngl Reimena’s website did something to my brain and I’m thinking of beefing this place out a little bit more haha!! I have a couple more posts that have been percolating at the back of my brain that I’m just gonna commit to now!
      Thanks so much!! I kinda love the shape language in these IDK its funky. Make bodies a little liquid!! hehehe

      1. Omg seriously! The affect that Reimena’s blog posts have had on my mind. I’m currently finishing the design for my Earthshine gallery with renewed vigour >:)

        I look forward to seeing more of your posts as well!

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