I meant to post this sooner but its been a little bit wild around these parts and I forgot to do it!! Sue me!!

This month our shorter Starfinder campaign (maybe 2..??? years in the making??) ended and I’m feeling all sorts of feelings about it! It feels really cool to actually come to the end of a campaign, our GM (who also runs our Age of Ashes campaign with another group) did a fantastic job of running the finale. What a mess just trying to get this finale sorted, so much so that even Roll20 ran some sort of site-wide update in the middle of our last session so we were forced to finish it the day after. But hey we did it!

This is the campaign Tas and I were playing Radds (her big Lizard Lady) and Jax (my rockstar bee boy) for. You may or may not have seen them floating around if you’re here from socials~

Here’s our funky little troupe:

Left to right we have: Grigori (an undead human nanocyte), Jax (an astriapi envoy), Chia (a gnome technomancer) and Raddley (a vesk soldier).

The dynamic with this crew was quite something and our GM had fun tying Grigori to some of the corpse fleet shenanigans in the story. We got to meed Jax’s ex-bandmates through some cleverly placed NPCs. We visited Chia’s school (the one she winds up teaching at during the credit roll) and got to run into one of Raddley’s old bounties on our adventure. It was really fun getting to watch these moments crop up throughout the campaign. Crit really knocked it out of the park with this one hehehe.

This one was pretty early on in the campaign, we were in the Uqulam jungle and Jax was uhh under the Influence of hypnotic blue flower spores. The running gag after this was, ‘how many times is Jax going to get bitten/eaten’ and I wouldn’t be surprised if the final tally wasn’t something like 27 times. (This might be an exaggeration… but really…)

Jax was uhhhhhhh accosted by messages after our first mission as Starfinders was televised and since he’s got the Icon background of a runaway rockstar that uhh didn’t go so well~;;;)

These two uhhh gave us absolute freaking brainworms the whole time let me tell you… Jax’s entire motive was bugging the shit out of Raddley to show him how to fight real good so he could help her in battle. Seems like it worked. This guy was not only wielding his chordpocalypse/dimensional shredder by the end but an ultrathin longsword too… yeah. A sword.

Though his real heart is in that dimensional shredder he uses to create sick riffs that can even be heard and felt in SPACE– (My GM is fucking sick and let me fuse a gun with an electric guitar to make this happen since uhhh sonic weapons and space don’t mix so well, what with space being a vacuume and all. Spoilers– the whole ending of Dead Suns happens in Space with characters that don’t need oxygen to function which means no air… or sick music.

Jax can go from ultimate sweetheart to ultimate sleaze–

And finally…. the doodle that started it all…

This version of Jax will never not be hilarious (these are the first iterations of his character and I was definitely still getting used to drawing more anthropomorphic characters). Its actually really neat looking back on a lot of this art and seeing how much my skills have improved especially drawing anthros like Raddley and Jax. There are a couple artists since that have doodled Jax that influenced some of my later sketches of him.

This is all I have for this particular campaign and some folks might notice that there are a considerable number of sketches not up here. That’s because this is definitely not the last you will see of Raddley and Jax proper. My partner and I uhm… may or may not be working on a one-shot GN with them.

But shhh that’s talk for a later time. For now that’s it~ Adventure path complete~

Onto the next one ;>

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