So…. I’ve been playing a new Starfinder game for about a year now and normally… I wouldn’t really need to make a post so early into it… however I have a whole lot of art to share and we just finished the first arc of the campaign so I thought I might as well post what I have so far!

Lets see if I can remember what order these go in~

(I am… not going to go into TOO MUCH detail our of respect for the GM & the other players and the game itself, just posting a lot of the drawings I’ve done as a keepsake for myself hehe)

Quick rundown of the crew:
Frankie — A gnoll envoy played by my fiancee, Tas
Gloss — A vesk soldier played by my buddy, Punkoz
JD — An endiffian operative played by yours truly
INDY — A spathinae technomancer played by my new buddy Tom
JIGSAW — An android mechanic played by my new buddy Rein
REENE — A drow ???? NPC played by our GM, Jeff!


I’ll… be honest it really didn’t take me long to develop JD at all really… I think my brain went, ‘the cleaners from Carmen Sandiego’ and that type of trope as soon as I figured out I wanted to play Operative for this particular campaign and then I just went off. I’m a bit of a sucker for a scrungly guy with a ponytail so hey. Kind of wild to see these earlier illos of them because I’ve just gotten more used to drawing them & handling their shapes over time haha. I still really love the first doodles I did of them in the grey jumpsuit imo its been hard trying to recapture that vibe. They’re so much more aloof there than they come off in game LMAO.

Meeting INDY — The first member of our Nameless Crew.

So…. INDY is a character and a half and our buddy, Tom, who plays them is an absolute Riot. I remember I was pretty nervous playing for the first time with this group but this intro session was such a good way for characters to get acquainted before the actual game start… ironically it kinda really set the stage for these two and I’m excited to see where their friendship goes– (For those curious, starfinder-wise, JD is an Endiffian operative, INDY is a spathinae technomancer).

IIRC– JD got shot point-blank in this session… so much for filming an innocent WcDonalds commercial amirite fellas?

Turns out Gloss ….. lives in the same building as JD… they uhhh found this out the embarrassing way on their way to their first gig 8)

The First Gig

We uhm…. barely got through this mission by the skin of our teeth but hell we managed it!!

Bitta downtime… in between..

Having nightmares…. making buddies… you know how it is…

Fancy Party Fancy Party Fancy Party–

We got to go to a fancy party and 900% of my doodles are from this part alone LMAO DONT LOOK AT ME.

I asked some of the team if they’d like me to doodle some of their PCs in the swanky fits (which is great bc JD helped dress Gloss (vesk/soldier) & Jigsaw (android/mechanic) for the party… seeing as they’re REAL good at disguises. I swear I have a colour version of the Frankie doodle somewhere but I couldn’t find it soo maybe I made it up. INDY is not in here because Tom had their outfit under wraps entirely until their GRAND REVEAL!!
Also some of the following doodles have Gloss in this fit but Punkie wound up redesigning/ pulling a bit from this one but came up with something absolutely killer for Gloss before we played this part (her actual in-game fit is in the mini scene I sketched a few images down!)

In case its not legible,
JD: “Hey, Gloss?”
JD: “Mmm….”
JD: “if you need any help uhh… fixing up your starship…”
JD: “I might know a thing or two about computers and building things… yeah…”

Jigsaw really went through it in this one.
JD (left): “That was rough to watch.”
Jigsaw (right): “So are you doing the dance comp–“
JD: “I don’t dance”
Jigsaw: “oh.”

Text since it’s pretty small
p3 — Gloss: “Woah. Dude are you okay?”
p4 — JD: “Uhh… yeah… vending machine’s just busted again.”
p8 — SFX: Ka-KLUNK

Crimignoll Arc End!

REENE — “You know what you need to know.”
JD — “Yeah. I’ll know what I need to know.”

We kept finding weird shit in the Ghost levels and INDY’s was a map of their home… which is already difficult to comprehend but the Ghost Levels made it uh Even Weirder.
INDY: “Does this looks strange to you?”
JD: “Here let me see…”

We are … Going Through Some Things.
GLOSS: “You, uhh… need a lift~?”
FRANKIE: “If you insist~”

That final boss fight was rough, both JD and INDY went down… might have caused a few wibbly wobbly feelings throughout the crew…

FRANKIE [OS] — “Not that I was worried or anything.”
FRANKIE — “Just… Don’t go dyin’ on me, alright?”
JD [OS] — “Yeah. Okay.”

Fwankie & JD

There’s a lot going on with Frankie and JD so here’s a crapton of the doodles I have so far of them Heheh.

Memes and things…

TL;DR…. this game is occupying a wHOL LOT of my brainspace these days. I love these guys. I love this game. I look forward to playing it every Saturday!

Here’s to MORE SHENANIGANS~~ (We just got a ship so HEHEH get ready for SPACE TRAVEL~~)

5 thoughts on “Starfinder: Heart of the Driftlands

  1. You love to see it, when new faces meet and become buds!

    Honestly, at this point I dont even know how to imagine my weekends without some good ol’ ttrpg. I put my whole heart and trust into Jeff when he said he had a cool game and a few strangers to play with, it was well worth the shot! You and Tas are just about as delightful to hang out with as can be. Every session is filling me with endless joy and goofy bean energy, always making me want to have juuuust a bit more! So glad to have met you and get to be space goobers for a few hours a time!

    Wishing you nothing but the best, here’s to the Vagrant Star and their many adventures ahead! Good times only, no pressure 😉

    1. Tom!!!!! I’m honestly so honoured to have been paired with you for the intro sessions! You make folks feel right at home and your humour is second to none!!
      Extremely excited to see where this adventure takes us!! :>

  2. I am in awe at the amount of drawings you have of this session, but knowing you I shouldn’t be surprised. These are all SO GOOD! You’ve already told me a bunch about these characters, these sketches give them even more depth! Also baby JD is cracking me up lol!

    1. wAHHHH!! TYSM! Honestly we had a moment musing what our PCs would look like as babies and while Frankie & Gloss get to be absolutely adorable, it begs the question what Jigsaw (android), INDY (sentient bee colony) & JD (weird shifter) would be like really young hehehe!!

      I imagine shifter babies are suuuuch a nuisance trying to keep ahold of!!

      1. LOL Shapeshifter baby randomly turning into goo or ribbons as the equivalent to when little kids will just randomly strip naked and run off. Thinking about baby versions of characters is a really fun development experiment. It shows the level of depth you’ve put into designing JD.

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