Finally getting around to pulling this guy outta my drafts. In January I took a trip with my partner & a close friend down to Albany to visit with a big group of online friends we had made starting in 2020. I’m glad we made the trip. It was really refreshing and really nice to be able to get closer with this rowdy group! We’ve met once before last summer though Tas and I didn’t get to participate much in the hangout because we were booked with a convention.

It was just really fun and really nice to get to see everyone again. I’ve got a lot of big sappy goopy feelings about this trip and this group in general but I’ll spare ya.

Hi everyone, I know a lot of you are (probably) reading this haha!! This trip still sits in my brain so here’s the pics I took from our insane hike–I don’t think I’ve ever done a hike quite like this one but god did it feel amazing being at the top of that mountain!

What an experience making that climb. I hope to work up my cardio better for any future hikes we have with this group. <3

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