This has been a little while coming honestly. We’ve got a bit of a stockpile on these two now and have since taken a little break from our shenanigans to work on some other projects in need so I think its as good a time as any to dump the pile here and maybe offer some little insight where I can.

This group has grown a lot since (don’t get TOO excited, we still tend to draw Hela & Ovoe the most because we’re suckers for the Originals… but I have a particular soft spot for a lot of these kids–)

Top row we have: AZ (lust & the God of Love), PENNYJACK (greed & God of Fortune/Misfortune aka Lady Luck), VAALO (gluttony & God of Beasts), JUDE (envy & God of Scripture & Story).

Bottom row we have: Phaios (sloth & God of Dreams & Nightmares, aka Sandman/Bogeyman), Ovoe (wrath, God of War), Hela (pride & God of Vengeance & Spite).

We’re still figuring out some of the new kids and gosh I love Phaios but they are definitely a character who gives me such a hard time to draw… mostly because their hair is floofy in just a way that makes it hard to keep consistent and drives me absolutely bananas!!

Most of these we’ve finally nailed their designs just in this iteration so I hope to doodle them more often in the future.

Otherwise I… certainly have a whole lot of Hela and Ovoe to share….

These ones are all collaborative between Tas and I. Generally she does the sketch I do the inks and from that point on either of us does the colours depending on what we’re feeling~

The following are a few I just want to share because Tas is a genius and they are gorgeous (these ones are entirely their doing).

That last image lives burned into my brain more often than I’d like to admit–

And these images below are ones I did from start to finish~

Gosh some of these are old enough to make me shudder. I feel like this year my art style has flip-flopped all over the place. I’m not entirely displeased with it but it sure shows I don’t have much consistency but on another hand I feel like I could really push my experimentation even further. Maybe a future challenge for 2022 me?

What I do know for sure is that I am honestly getting more comfortable using references for some more complex posing and it seems like its paying off outside of the images I have been using them for. (It also honestly really helps to consistently be inking someone else’s sketches and learning from the way they might interpret shapes and gestures or their artistic strengths versus your own personal weaknesses. I’ve found… anyway).

I’ve also just noticed that I’ve become more confident in my own work since having a decent body of collaborative work. I have a really hard time with sketching & beginning sketches of my own accord because I just overthink the blank page way way too hard. This year I’m learning to unpack that and my partner is helping a LOT allowing me to finish their sketches and play off that satisfaction for both of us, me finishing a WIP and her seeing a WIP completed with a lot on her plate currently.

Basically? Its nice and I definitely recommend art-sharing within friends and potentially making it less contentious to share even in the process of creating art. You learn a lot even if its only on occasion!

(Anyways this is probably too deep an insight for this kind of a post here’s a bit more of my actual comfort zone… character/clothing design!)

And these are a couple of fake-screengrabs I did based on some moments that occurred in rp!!

I THINK that’s all I’ve got of these two for now!

I’m sure I will be back again one day with More.

4 thoughts on “The Sin Pantheon (aka Heloe part 2)

    1. Thanks so much Dee! They have kinda 3 forms: Fallen (with the casket/wings bound), Celestial (all the wings out) and their God form which fluctuates a bunch! My other post with our older illos has a lot more of them with their wings out because we hadn’t decided on the whole war-god bit for them just yet!
      Both Az & Jude get a Celestial form too I should really draw those one time hmmMMM~

  1. I LOVE looking at them! I keep going on about this but yours and Tas love for your ocs really helped me find joy in creating my own indulgent stories. The unbridled joy you two show with crafting your stories and worlds is an inspiration. Also that’s so neat how collaboration helped you out of a rut, Winter.

    1. I am honestly glad that this joy translates & inspires others!! I’ve personally been like this all my life, even before Tas I was writing & rambling about OCs to anyone who would listen, I just finally found a partner who shared the same brainworms about it (and now a good group of friends who actually??? likes it??? when I talk about my made up fools??? truly blessed.)
      (And it honestly fuels my own excitement getting to know & hear about other people’s OCs. There’s always something really special listening to folks describe the stories behind them & watching these OCs grow over time– its just good!! I love it! I love OCs LOL)

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